A Merchants Guide to Credit Card Processing Practices

Over the last several years, we have seen real change in the credit card processing industry. Some good, some, not so good. Granted, it’s easier now than ever to accept credit cards, unfortunately, it’s also spawned some creative marketing strategies that are, at worst fraudulent and at best, deceptive and misleading.

The credit card processing companies that engage in these tactics, large or small, make it exceedingly difficult for merchants to get the value for which they are seeking. To complicate things further, these sales and marketing strategies are all completely legal. At 1st National Processing, we don’t understand how deception ever became acceptable. With that said, the following segments provide an overview of the tactics employed, so you can better protect yourself and ultimately, feel secure in your selection for a credit card processing partner.

News Update from the UK: As of April 2020 the UK Gambling Commission has banned the use of credit cards at all online casinos and sportsbooks. This has led many customers to switch to eWallet options like Paypal to play slots and other games online.

Whether or not you choose 1st National Processing as your Credit Card Processing Partner, we trust that the information provided on this site will help you choose an appropriate and cost effective solution for your business. So, if you'd like to save some money and frustration, read on!

-- 1st National Processing

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