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So, you are a fledgling company, perhaps an Art & Crafts vendor who plans on attending festivals and shows. As a startup, money is tight, and to be successful, you know you have to watch your overhead. Then you see an advertisement for a “Free Credit Card Machine” and you think that’s the bargain you are looking for. Yes, there are ways Merchant Service companies can get you what you want, the question is… “Are they going to be upfront regarding the true cost of this free machine?”

As few things in life are really free, this holds true for a wireless credit card machine worth six hundred dollars. In general, there is simply not enough monthly residual income generated to justify a merchant service provider to take such a loss. The only way to make up for this ‘free’ give-away is for the merchant provider to adjust the rate or monthly fee structure. Obviously, not to your advantage. More often that not, this means adding numerous hidden charges and fees.

While the processing company may use any of the tactics we’ll explain in the other sections, the most common strategy is to adjust the processing rate schedule, or "creative processing." The deception here is that, on the surface, the rate schedules look incredibly competitive. In reality, that very rate structure and associated terms many may argue is a predatory processing practice. Legal, yes… Honest, no. We would recommend paying extra attention to “Hidden Fees” & “Creative Processing” sections in this guide.

Now, there are Merchant Service companies who most certainly have solutions for startup businesses. We offer “Free Machines,” and low cost start-up solutions as well, but we’ll never misrepresent any product or service we offer. Chances are, we’ll have a better solution for you than what the other companies consider “Free.”

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