Hidden Fees

A common tactic used by merchant service providers is to advertise and quote extremely low, below market credit card processing rates. The problem is, just like the free credit card machine, the merchant is not being told about all the fees that will apply to their credit card processing account. So while the merchant might be getting a good deal on the front end fees such as the qualified discount rate, the transaction fee, and the monthly statement fee, they may be charged almost triple for all of the other credit card processing fees that apply to the account. The following are credit card processing fees which are commonly hidden:

  • Mid Qualified Surcharge
  • Non Qualified Surcharge
  • Monthly Minimum
  • Pin Based Debit Card Network Fees
  • Wireless Transaction Fees

It’s one thing for a company to adjust the configuration of a Merchant Account to accommodate a potential merchant and be entirely forthcoming with the details. But we think most would agree that not disclosing such information is what is truly deceptive. Unfortunately, you are likely run into this in your search for a Merchant Account Provider.

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